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Launched on 25th April 2024, our mission is to significantly increase the commercial odds of success for university research. 100+ technologies available for licensing will be added every month (on every weekday), summarised and organised for intuitive search. Our initial focus is on Asia Pacific universities. Feedback, comments and enquiries for partnerships are welcome!

Industry, Investors, Journalists, AcademicsIndustry, Investors, Journalists, Academics
Industry, Investors, Journalists, AcademicsIndustry, Investors, Journalists, Academics
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Discover IP to enter new growth areas. Accelerate product roadmap.

For Investors

Amplify deal flow with untapped IP source. Invest in spinouts.

For Journalists

Broaden your tech research. Discover new stories and angles.

For Universities

Promote your IP to a broader audience. Commercialise much faster.

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19 years leadership experience in uni tech transfer, health innovation, healthcare IT, community building and EMR across Scotland, Singapore and India